Who am I ?

Pierre BELIN


Software development engineer chez Amazon Web Services (Seattle, WA).

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J’utilise ce blog principalement pour partager mes tips et sujets du moment en tant que développeur, ainsi que pour promouvoir et fournir du support sur mes produits maison.

I <3 :

  • Software engineering
  • Le mobile et l’embarqué / Mobile and embedded development
  • Conception & design d’IHM riches / Rich UI conception & design
  • Algorithmie, Architecture / Algorithms, Architecture
  • Informatique scientifique et technique, applications de l’informatique dans l’industrie / Technical & scientific computing, industrial applications
  • Domaine des transports (aéronautique, automobile, moto, …) / Transportation field (aerospace, automotive, motorcycle, …)
Et en dehors du boulot / And outside work :
  • Photo / Photography
  • Voyages / Travelling
  • Asie-Japon / Asia-Japan
  • Mécanique, Moto / Mechanics, Motorbike
  • Science

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  1. Hiro Matsuda

    Hello, This is Hiro from TechnoBrain,.co.
    I have sent you a message through linkedin with my boss’s name in April. I’m sorry for late reply and I still would like to have a talk with you.
    Since our company account for linkedin has changed, you might not able to see the profile of ours, so please check this account. https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=137959422&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile_pic
    I have sent message from this account.
    Our Skype ID is « techno-tokyo »
    If you can’t see your message that I sent you before, I can send you again. So please let me know.
    Thank you very much!

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