Wake my PC

Important: As of 2016, I am no longer providing support for my Windows Phone applications. WP users and fans, it has been a good and long ride together, but even Microsoft does not seem to believe in their own platforn anymore and my life and work priorities have shifted. The apps will stay in the Store as long as possible though, so feel free to keep using them.

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  1. Ph. Melchior

    Comment être certain que cet outil, ainsi que les outils semblables que l’on peut trouver sur la Marketplace, ne vont pas exploiter (à des fins pas toujours propres) les précieuses informations IP + Mac Adresse + Wake-on-LAN enabled?

  2. Pierre

    C’est vrai qu’on peut être amené à se poser la question… et malheureusement, à part me faire confiance je n’ai pas grand chose à proposer.

    Je pourrais bien sur donner le source de l’application, mais cela ne donnerait aucune info sur ce que fait le serveur de Depicus des infos (ip, mac, …) que je lui envoie.

    Pour se rassurer toute fois, vous pouvez toujours connecter votre WP7 à un PC, son flux « data » transitera par le PC, et vous pourrez inspecter ce qui est envoyé par « Wake On LAN ». Je garantis que rien d’autre n’est fait avec les credentials enregistrés dans l’appli que :
    – appel au service web Depicus
    – sauvegarde du profil de la machine dans le téléphone.

    Après en ce qui concerne Depicus, il me semble qu’il livre tout ou partie de son code, et qu’il est de surcroît utilisé par des noms très connus (voir son site http://www.depicus.com)

  3. Ph. Melchior

    Merci pour cette réponse rapide et pleine de bon sens.
    Franchement, je m’y attendais un peu.

    On pourrait d’ailleurs se poser la même question à propos de tous nos outils…

    Mais, à votre avis, que pourrait tenter un individu mal intentionné en possession de ces informations?
    Mettre la machine concernée en route. Et puis?

    Bien à vous


  4. Pierre Belin

    Et puis… c’est tout ?
    Ou presque.

    La personne pourra faire comme n’importe qui en possession de votre ip (c-a-d tous les sites que vous visitez) : scanner votre machine à la recherche de failles pour tenter de s’y introduire par exemple.

  5. Maarten


    This is the best wol app i’ve seen. Nice clean interface. But why can I find this app in the Dutch Marketplace ?

  6. Pierre Belin

    Well, thanks a lot 🙂 Is the link to the app broken on your marketplace ?
    I’ve choosed an international free distribution so I’m a bit surprised you can’t find it.

  7. Maarten

    Edit: When I open the link on my Nokia Lumia 800 I see the app in de marketplace application but it mentions:

    This app is not available for your device. Tap here for more information.

    When I tap on « More Information » I get:

    App not available. The software on your telephone needs to be updated or this application is for a specific mobile operator or this application is not available for your region.

    At the bottom of the page I can click on the Update button, but that gives me an error also.

    I would appreciate it if this applicaton becomes available in the Dutch market.

    Thanks and regards,


  8. Maarten

    Ok, now my marketplace tells me that there is an update for Wake my pc, but when I want to update, I get te error that the app can not be updated.

    Can you send me the latest xap ? My device is developer unlocked so I can sideload the update.

    Thanks and regards.

  9. Pierre Belin

    If you could just wait a day or two, I’ve done modifications on my Marketplace account and I hope it will fix the problem.

    If there’s no change then I’ll send you the xap 🙂

  10. Maarten

    Okay, thanks for the quick reply. I will wait a couple of days 😀

    Changing your marketplace / developer account will remove all applications from the marketplace and you have to publish them again.

  11. Maarten

    Hi, Yes, I forgot to reply but YES !!! It’s in the NL Marketplace now and I’ve reinstalled it to get the latest version. Thank you very much !!



  12. Jonathan

    I’m switching to this app from another and have a few suggestions. Any chance we can get a way to re-org the list? Also have two entries for the same MAC (one for LAN and one for WAN).

  13. Pierre Belin

    Hi Jonathan, thanks for your feedback. I’ll try to craft that in the 2.0 release I’m currently working on.
    – Duplicating an entry to easily create a LAN/WAN profile => Sure thing
    – Re-org the list => Trickier with the build-in controls, I need to dig further

  14. scott

    This app doesn’t work, I can see the ping on wireshark,but it doesn’t wake anything up

  15. Pierre Belin

    You’re pretty harsh on ypur judgment, I can tell you the app works as well as Microsoft’s certification team. I guess you should rather ask why you can’t get it to work. You should start by checking if WoL is enabled in your BIOS.

  16. NePheus

    As IT student I can confirm that the app is working perfect, I´m using it nearly every day!
    Is there an executable (.exe) download for the lighthouse service or just github? (:

  17. Pierre Belin

    Thanks ! Happy to help 🙂
    As for the lighthouse service, I can provide you an .exe file, but it’s an early beta, it only works on LAN (the phone and computer must be on the same network), it’s ugly and not practical. Might be buggy too :p.
    To provide the ability to work over the web, I must create an intermediate web server to allow the phone & computer to communicate, but I don’t have a lot of spare time to dedicate to this project these days.

    Also I’ve received a lot of crash reports with the tiles on Wake my PC 2.0. The bug is fixed, and everyone should see the 2.1 update anytime soon.

  18. NePheus

    But how is your lighthouse service working at the moment, because there is no possibility for the users to install it on their Windows PC? It would be really great to shutdown the PC over the web, but also just over the network atm! 😉 Where can I download the beta .exe?

  19. NePheus

    I´m getting no connection :/ (tested in LAN only). I can´t see if the service is really running because there is no status display. And when I click start -> stop -> start the programm crashes. My phone just say « NoAnswer » and I typed in the same port and password.

  20. Pierre Belin

    As I told you, it’s an early alpha.
    Set your port and password, then click Start. So far if you test the connection with the app, it should say « BadPassword », don’t mind it it should be running fine.
    Just take care to authorize the Wake my PC port in your firewall.

    I’ll add a little something to store your port and password so you won’t have to type it each time you launch the lighthouse.

  21. NePheus

    Ok, after I made the Port Forwarding in my router (I don´t understand why, because it´s a connection just over the LAN?!) it worked. « BadPassword » as you told, but I can shutdown the PC via LAN! Great!! Can you add an autostart option, and that your service can automatically run in the background?

  22. NePheus

    Wow really great! If the « autostart » checkbox would alos add the program to the windows autostart it would be perfect! 😉
    Just one thing, when you start the programm with checked « autostart » checkbox, it starts minimized but its in the taskbar, not in den iconbar. When I klick on it on the taskbar it opens, and then when I click on minimize, it go down to the iconbar. It would be perfect if it will go directly after the start to the iconbar.

  23. Pierre Belin

    Yeah I know but I had no idea about how to fix it easily tonight. I’ll find a workaround next time, it’s time to go to bed for me 😉

  24. Robert

    Hi Pierre. Great app so far! Still I was wondering the following: My ISP works with a dynamic IP address set up for all customers to use their service. So my external IP address changes from time to time. So my question is: because I’m using DDNS (dyndns.org) I was wondering if I can use a FQDN instead of just an Ip address? Regards, Robert from the Netherlands

  25. Pierre Belin

    Hi Robert,
    Yes a FQDN as the host name will work fine, the goal is to get the packet routed to your home network. Once on your LAN, only the specified MAC address matters 🙂

  26. NePheus

    Hey there,
    I am waiting for a new Lighthouse release. It would be great, if you could handle it, that it runs as service in the background and isn´t displayed in the taskbar after every windows startup.

  27. Laurent


    je n’arrive pas à configurer l’appli sur le lumia, ni sur la console de ma freebox… y a t il un tuto dispo qq part? thx

  28. Pierre Belin

    Hey Nepheus,
    Good news, I finally found some time to work on Lighthouse and transformed the server software in a Windows Service that runs silently in the background. Still have to figure out how to communicate with a GUI to configure it and how to package it to get everything installed propertly, but it’s coming !

    Laurent, il y’a une rubrique d’aide succinte dans l’appli, mais aucun tuto n’existe à ma connaissance pour l’instant et j’avoue ne pas avoir franchement le temps de m’en occuper pour le moment (je me concentre sur les bugfixes et améliorations). Il est vrai que l’appli s’adresse en particulier aux power users déjà rompus aux fonctionnement des réseaux… ceci dit vous devriez trouver une myriade d’articles sur la config du WoL sur Freebox.

  29. Pierre Belin

    Still working on it (on my rare free time)… everything works except the f*****g installer (and this time as it comes as a windows service, you’ll need an installer otherwise it would be very difficult to deploy on your computer).

  30. Pierre Belin

    Good news ! I’ve finished the lighthouse service, fixed the last bugs and made an installer.
    But GitHub removed the downloads function, do anyone know where I could host my binaries ? This blog is not the best place ever for file hosting.

  31. NePheus

    Hey Pierre,
    I have a problem with the wakemypc app. Since version the app doesnt show me the status of my pc (lighthouse service). Its just showing « updating » all the time. But the I can shut down the PC when its on, so I think its just a little problem.

  32. NePheus

    Oh, and you should change the text in the german translation in front of the status from « Bezeichnung » to « Status » 😉

  33. Comby

    Hello! I have installed wake my pc but now I don’t understand how it work. Can you tell me some explain .
    Thanks and regards
    G Comby

  34. Brandon

    When I set up Lighthouse on my PC, and attempt to set it up with my phone, it gives me the error message: « Could connect to your PC but the password does not match » Ive done everything as instructed by the creator of this app, and even uninstalled the app on my phone and program on my PC, even changed ports.I completely erased the password on both programs and it is still giving me the same error message. There anything I can do?

  35. NePheus

    I had the same problems. First of all check the tcp forwarding of your selected port in your router. Then check the settings of your windows firewall. Click on « add application » and add both, the agent.exe and the service.exe from the installed lighthouse service folder. Then it should work fine!

  36. Pierre Belin

    Wow, lots of messages recently. It’s hard to keep up, and I can’t reply personally to every email asking me « please tell me how to get WoL to work on my PC » I receive in my inbox, so I will create a support forum soon?

    Comby, does Nepheus’ trick worked for you ? It would mean that my error message is not accurate and I’ll look into it.
    Nepheus, first thanks for the help, and I’ll look into your issue.

  37. -Fake

    Hey. Will this ever work in perfect way? i mean i downloaded this app 1 year ago and still its not working flawlessly. Sometimes my PC gets off right but sometimes it doesn’t.
    Anyway, will there be function to power on pc by internet not wireless? I want to turn on my PC when i am near my house so it can load everything and using remote app to do the thing on PC without being home.

  38. Pierre Belin

    Well don’t be offensive dude, I do that on my free time and you get the app for free and without ads.
    That being said, you should better look on your hardware side/network configuration as the way to wake a PC up has not changed since the first versions.
    Also, you can startup your PC via internet and not only your local network since the first versions… just select WAN instead of LAN and provide your router’s IP or FQDN instead of your local network IP.

    Also, @all sorry for the UI crashes in v3.0, I’ve aware of them but I have not found the time to fix them yet. I hope to do so very soon.