Wake my PC

Important: As of 2016, I am no longer providing support for my Windows Phone applications. WP users and fans, it has been a good and long ride together, but even Microsoft does not seem to believe in their own platforn anymore and my life and work priorities have shifted. The apps will stay in the Store as long as possible though, so feel free to keep using them.

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  1. 李俊

    I am a Chinese user, I use « Wake my PC ». I test the connection time will prompt « the service is configured correctly. » I don’t know what the problem is, who can tell me, thank you.

  2. Sascha Wolf


    It seems people that experience problems might have issues with their home network, waking up for me works via LAN and WAN (via NAT and static ARP entries) every single time.

    However, at one point the app allowed me to pin a PC to my homescreen that would wake the device up with the single touch. Now this wont work anymore, if I pin a device to my homescreen the app opens as if I had pinned the app itself. I then see a list of my devices, select the device and confirm having it woken up. Are there any plans to get the « single button press wake up » feature back into the app?

  3. Pierre Belin

    Hi Sascha,

    Do you have the v3.1 update ? In the v3.0 version I accidentaly broke the « pin to start » feature but it should be working fine in v3.1.

  4. R

    Does « Wake my PC Lighthouse service » not work in Windows XP?

  5. Sascha Wolf

    Hello Pierre,

    yes, I am running Version (Allthough I have a Windows Phone 8). I tried un- and reinstalling the app completely, unfortunatelly without success.

  6. Pierre Belin


    The version is fixing the problem. No worries for the _WP71 suffix, I’m using versionning code that I reuse across my apps. For Wake my PC there is no WP8 specific version, everybody uses the WP71 one.

  7. alex

    I installed wake-my-pc on my wp7 phone and the lighthouse service on my desktop (a windows 8 PC). All is fine apart it does not shutdown.
    The phone app is waking up the machine, it also sees that it is on and testing connection from the phone works alright, but when i try to shutdown, it does nothing :/ any ideas?

  8. David

    Hi! The app works great from WP, but I’ve downloaded light house, but doesn’t run on XP, is not compatible with this OS. Some update? Thanks!

  9. Pierre Belin

    Hi David ! Unfortunately, I have to plan to support Windows XP for WMP Lighthouse. I write and maintain this app on my free time, and supporting a 13 years-old OS is not on the top of the list 😉

    If you are a developper, the C# source code of Lighthouse is available on GitHub, so you can port the app on Windows XP (the reason why the app does not work on XP is that it runs under a new priviledged service model – it need admin rights to shutdown the PC and it’s more convenient to run as a Windows service so you don’t need to be logged on your PC to use the Lighthouse – that came with Windows Vista and successors).

  10. Aziz

    Sad, the wake my pc works superb, while lighthouse seems not for Windows 7 -64bit – port all configured fine in Fritz-Box router. Its not shuting down 🙁

  11. Pierre Belin

    A twitter user reported this issue some weeks ago. On some configurations it seems that the lighthouse service fails to shutdown the computer due to missing administrative rights. I’ll investigate and try to fix this when I’ll have enough free time to do so. If you’re an impatient developer, the code is available on Github and I’ll accept push requests 😉

  12. Jacques

    Hello, I can confirm lighthouse service does work to wake up the server but it does not allow to hibernate or shutdown the server. I am using windows 8.1×64. Thanks for any further updates.

  13. Pierre Belin

    Just updated the Lighthouse to v0.4.0, go get it – should solve the Win8 issue and adds new features for the upcoming v3.3 Windows Phone app : stand-by, reboot, lock, mute, …

  14. NePheus

    Lighthouse v0.4.0 is not running on my Windows 8.1 x64. The installation is ok, but I cant start it. It apperas for a second in the taskmanager (but no GUI) and closes again.

  15. Jacques

    Hello, I updated to version 0.4.0 but the lighthouse service won’t start and the gui crashes. I have tried on both win 7×64 & win8.1×64

  16. Dan Wills

    Hi, just for feedback, I installed the Lighthouse service (v0.4.0) on my Win 8.1 x64 PC a few days ago (this is the first time I’ve installed it). The service starts fine, but doesn’t report my PC’s status to the WOL app on my WP8 phone.

  17. Dmitry

    I have the same problem on Windows8.1 x64. Immediately after the service started Lighthouse 0.4.1 it stops with an error.

  18. Pierre Belin


    Could you tell me more about your issue with Win 8.1 ? The latest version (0.4.1) should be working fine with Windows 8.1.

  19. Allan P

    I set up 2 laptops (windows XP and 7)in my home network and I have been able to Wake up both computers; BUT in the App, only 1 computer stays « green » or « on » and the other one goes OFF even thou both computers are on…

  20. Pierre Belin

    Hi Allan,
    Is the lighthouse software failing on the XP or 7 side ?
    – If it is XP : I have never tested my software with this OS and have no plans to support an OS that’s about half my age 😉
    – If it is 7 : Check your firewall settings 🙂

  21. Daniel

    Hi, i have the same problem on Windows 8.1 as mentioned above.

    It throws the following error in services.msc:

    « Windows could not start the Wake my PC Lighthouse service on Local Computer.

    Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly. »

    Also tried in powershell, here is the output, hope that helps:

    VERBOSE: Performing the operation « Start-Service » on target « Wake my PC Lighthouse (Wake my PC Lighthouse) ».
    Start-Service : Service ‘Wake my PC Lighthouse (Wake my PC Lighthouse)’ cannot be started due to the following error: C
    annot open Wake my PC Lighthouse service on computer ‘.’.
    At line:1 char:1
    + Start-Service -DisplayName « Wake my PC Lighthouse » -Verbose
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : OpenError: (System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController:ServiceController) [Start-Service],
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CouldNotStartService,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.StartServiceCommand

  22. Pierre Belin

    I will add a log file in case of crash in the next version so we can investigate this. I can’t reproduce this issue on my computer.

    I hope I’ll find free time to work on this soon.

  23. ADIX

    Can u pls add Cortana support for this app? It would be great if we could turn on pcs with voice 😛

  24. Bart


    I want to wake my synology NAS from both LAN and internet. I put in the MAC adres, external ip and internal ip address. No matter what I do, it always says, please check your input, there is something wrong… What am I missing? Thx!

  25. Johan

    App works great from my phone to win 8.1 when firewall disabled completely. However adding exception rules to F/W and enabled = no Connection. I have added UDP port 7 and TCP Port xxxxx. What am I missing?

  26. Allen

    Hi Pierre! I have just installed your app on my WP8 device. I’m not really sure about what to enter as an IP address. I have found and entered my pc’s mac address properly. I have tried to enter my ip address but I’m kind of lost. I would like the app to work over the internet (WAN). I’ve tried every single xx.xxx.xxx.xxx address that I’ve found in my ipconfig/all with every port 7 or 9 combination. Nothing is working. Could you help me a bit? Thanks!

  27. Aaron Rudkin

    Had a few issues setting this up but turned out the windows firewall needed a bit of tweaking. All seems to work apart from logoff and lock. I’m using win7 x64. All other functions seem to work ok.

  28. Robert Leigh

    I am finding lighthouse is being blocked by peerblock, I have tried adding exclusions but it seems the ip address lighthouse is connecting to keeps changing. Do you have a range of ip addresses that I can add to peerblock which will always allow lighthouse through?

  29. Pierre Belin

    @Robert : Well no, the IP that connects to your PC through lighthouse is the IP of your phone. There is no middleman. So the IP that connects to your PC depends on your phone ISP + the WiFi to which you connects. I suggest you open 33666 to any incoming IP.

  30. Robert Leigh

    Many thanks for replying, I hadn’t thought of that yes you are right it was my phone’s ip. Peerblock lets me unblock the port and now it is all working again. Thanks again for the quick response!

  31. Jesiel S.

    I am a user of brazil, the application is so good but i did not make it work in « wan mode » i use an software that monitors magic packets and not is received, in « LAN mode » the operating is ok including the lighthouse service. You can help me???? Thanks.

  32. Markus

    Hi. Your App works great and i like that you can put WAN and LAN infirmation in a single configuration.
    Is it possible to include the Name of the WOL client in the 1×1 live tile?