Wake my PC

Important: As of 2016, I am no longer providing support for my Windows Phone applications. WP users and fans, it has been a good and long ride together, but even Microsoft does not seem to believe in their own platforn anymore and my life and work priorities have shifted. The apps will stay in the Store as long as possible though, so feel free to keep using them.

106 Responses to “Wake my PC”

  1. Norbert

    I cant wake my pc, all the other functions work, while the pc is on, but once i shut it down, i cant start it remotly. Any sugestions?

  2. timbad

    Hi Norbert. Go to your bios and activate the option launch by network. I think that resolve your problem

  3. Roman

    Very good app. Best on windows mobile. But… did you have the same app for Android?

  4. paul

    Application ne fonctionne pas, aucune communication avec lighthouse. Les 2 ne se reconnaissent pas.

  5. Santiago

    Hey man, how are you? The app doesn’t work anymore on windows 10 at may 2018 update. It crash at start. Best regards!